While on the upload screen, you are able to customize where, when, and how your remix or mix is delivered via the advanced distribution settings. By using the advanced distribution settings you can control the following:

  • Targeted music service: Add or remove music services as targets for distribution
  • Distribution date: Change start dates or add end dates to your content's distribution
  • Exclusivity: Flag your content as an exclusive release for a certain music service

For most of us, the advanced distribution settings will never be be used, however it is available at all times for those special cases. 

Advanced Settings

To open the advanced distribution settings, while on the upload page click the link "Advanced settings"

Add / Remove target music services

All available music services are selected by default. To remove options, click the small X located on the right of each music service. Re-add by them clicking the logos.

Edit distribution dates

Change the desired distribution start date or add an end date to your mix or remix by click the "Start" or "End" cell for each music service and selecting a date on the calendar.

Set as 'Exclusive'

Next to each music service, you can choose to distribute as a 'Standard release' or 'Exclusive'. If you choose set a music service to exclusive, you are agreeing to distribute that mix or remix to only that music service for the date range you decide on.

Please note: Distribution dates selected during upload are not guaranteed. 

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