The artwork associated with your mix is an important facet of its distribution. Apple Music, Spotify and other music services have very strict guidelines for artwork that can be used. This includes requirements that the artwork must be high resolution, cannot be the same as the original song, cannot be pixelated (even if by design), cannot have sexual content or explicit language, etc.  Artwork that does not comply, requires that the remix or mix to be blocked from distribution. To ensure that your mix and remix content is delivered and can reach your current and future fans, we will use auto generated artwork that meets Apple and Spotify guidelines.

We do offer an approval process for manual uploads of user-generated artwork based on an internal ranking system that takes social and performance metrics in to account when making a decision. If you'd like more information on the approval process please contact 

Our automatically generated artwork has been pre-cleared by these services and going forward will be the only artwork used for all mixes and remixes delivered by MixBANK. We remain committed to finding the most reliable ways to get your mixes and remixes out into the world.

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