MixCRATES are one of the features available that help DJs to choose songs for their mixes. Each Crate contains a curated list of tracks that showcase the very best the MixBANK library has to offer, by genre. For example, you could create a Top 40 mix using tracks from the “Pop” and “Hip Hop” crates.

What types of MixCRATES are available?

Crates are updated regularly and continue to grow as we bring new labels & publishers onto the platform. To keep the lists organized, we've separated Crates by categories, here are a few favorites:

Create your first Crates mix

Step 1) Open MixCRATES

The Crates can be opened from either the top of your dashboard or on the side bar underneath Catalog Search.

Step 2) Build your tracklist

Click the tags to select a category you'd like to start with. Browse through the selections and choose songs to build your mix. 

Step 3) Visit your favorite retailer to purchase your songs

The songs contained within the Crates are not currently available for sale through MixBANK. Please visit a site like iTunes, Beatport, or Amazon to purchase your music.

Step 4) Create your mix and upload to MixBANK

After creating your mix upload it to the MixBANK platform. Be sure to include a time stamped tracklist with your mix. 

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