Don't support CWR? No problem! You can send your catalog's metadata in CSV or XLS format!

You can download our XLS file template here

On the template you will notice that some of the fields are marked as Mandatory and some are Optional. Even though not all of the fields are required, please fill out as much information as possible so we can accurately identify your content in remixes and DJ mixes.

Here is a full list of the headers included in the ingestion template, along with a brief explanation of the information needed. As a note, this information is also contained in each header as a comment, and can be viewed by hovering your mouse over that specific cell. Mandatory headers are marked with an asterisk:

Song Title* - Name/Title of the work
ISWC - The International Standard Work Code assigned to this work. Values are allowed with or without dashes or dots.
Composers* -  First name and last name of composer of the work. If more than one composer is entered in one cell, they must be separated by the character "|".
Publishers* - The names or IDs of the publishing companies. In the format "publisher|admin" or "publisher". Publisher ID can be used by prefixing "ID=" if RMPublisherID is known. Here are some examples of how a publisher and administrator can be represented:

  2. "ID=91379|MAP CATALOGS"
  4. "ID=91379|ID=61700"

Territories Included* - A territory name must be a fully spelled out name or a valid TIS name in TIS Code Table. A list of all TIS codes is available on the "Territory Codes Reference" sheet of the template. Concatenate using "|" for multiple territories.
Territories Excluded* - This field should be used for excluding specific territories when a group of territories is listed in the "Territories Included" field. For example, World EX. Canada. If there are no territories excluded, this field can be left blank.
PRO* - Name of the publisher's Performing Rights Organization. Valid values are:
Are Splits Estimated?* - "Y/N". "N" if the splits are accurate, otherwise "Y".
Mech. Share* - The percentage of the publisher’s ownership of the mechanical rights to the work.
Perf. Share - The percentage of the publisher’s ownership of the performance rights to the work.
Synch. Share - The percentage of the publisher’s ownership of the synch rights to the work.
ISRCs - International Standard Recording Code of the recording of the work on the release. Values are accepted with or without dashes.
UPC - Universal Product Code assigned to this work. Values are allowed with or without dashes.
Artists - First name and last name of a person or full name of a group that has performed the work.
Album Titles - The name of the album in which the work was included.
Labels - Name of the organization that produced and released the album.

Your first delivery should contain your complete catalog, while the subsequent deliveries should be new content, updates, or takedowns.

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