If DistroKid is your label's distributor, you can easily get your music into MixBANK without going through the ingestion process.

In order to get your label ingested into MixBANK, you'll need to be sure that you have MediaNet selected when you are choosing which stores/services are going to receive your release. 

If you have releases that are already live, but weren't sent to MediaNet, no worries! You can change that after the fact according to DistoKid's Help Center. 

Adding already released music to MediaNet
To add previously uploaded music to new stores, simply click "Add to more stores" on your album dashboard page in DistroKid.

Once you have clicked this, you will be prompted with a list of stores that your music is not on from previous distribution.

Feel free to select the stores you wish for distribution, and click "add."

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