When you sign up to MixBANK, we recommend including your Apple Artist ID in  settings. This makes sure that when you distribute content to Apple Music from MixBANK, it appears on your artist page.

How to find your Apple Artist ID

  1. Open Apple Music on your computer
  2. Search for your artist name
  3. Open to your artist page
  4. Click the ellipses icon to the bottom right of your profile image
  5. Choose option Share Artist > Copy Link
  6. The number string at the end of the URL is your Apple Artist ID

Now you can paste that ID right into MixBANK.

How to add your Apple Artist ID to settings

  1. Open your settings
  2. Navigate to the 'Apple Artist ID' tab
  3. Click to edit Apple Artist ID
  4. Paste your Apple Artist ID
  5. Save changes

Note: If you don't have a pre-existing Apple Artist page, we automatically create one for you once your first piece of content is distributed!

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