When uploading a mix or remix to the MixBANK platform, you will have the opportunity to choose the music services you'd like to distribute to. Below you'll learn our team's pick of best practices recommended for DJs, producers, and managers wanting to distribute to Apple Music.

Audio requirements

File type: FLAC or WAV; MP3s/AACs aren’t accepted by Apple Music.

Sound quality: Do not abuse compression and limiting. If your remix is too compressed, it can deteriorate the overall quality of the track and Apple may reject it. 

Remixes status: Apple Music only accepts remixes that include a single master.

Mixes status: Coming in 2017.

Artwork requirements

Auto-generate Artwork: MixBANK requires DJs to auto-generate high-quality artwork based on the details you provide during upload. Auto generated is mandatory due to Apple Music's strict artwork guidelines. 

Data requirements

Original track title: Every upload must include the track title of the original master recording used for the remix.

Original artist(s): Enter the name of every primary artist on the original track you remixed; separate by commas.

Feature artist(s): If the original track includes feature artists, it is required to include that information with your remix; separate by commas.

Additional DJs: Optional; If there were multiple remixers on the track, include their names.

Tracklist: Tracks used within a mix must be 100% identified in order to ensure delivery. You are not required to add a tracklist, however, we recommend doing so as much as possible. To find out more about supplying your tracklists, click here.

What's next?

Once a remix/ mix has been "cleared" in MixBANK it moves into a queue for distribution. While we can't provide an exact estimate for delivery to digital streaming services, it generally takes no more than a couple of weeks. You will likely see your music appear on Apple Music first. We will send you a notification with a link when it goes live so that you can send fans to your stream.

If your music appears to be in a "pending" state, our team will take care of all the heavy lifting as we work to sign up more labels and publishers to help clear more content. As soon as all of the content is cleared, you will be notified.

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