If you need to delete a mix or remix for any reason, you can follow the instructions below. Please note this will also remove the upload from any music services it has been delivered to.

Step 1) Contact our support team to get your track unlocked.

In order to complete the steps below, you'll need to contact our support team by clicking on the icon on the speech icon on your screen. 

When you contact our team, please be sure to include the following: 

  1. The reason that you're having the content removed
  2. The name of the track and a link to that track within your Dashboard

Step 2) Select the type of content you want to delete

Once you receive a notification back from our support team letting you ow that your track has been unlocked, select 'Mixes' or 'Remixes'

Step 3) Delete mix or remix

Locate the content you want to remove from MixBANK and open the dropdown hidden beneath the more icon (vertical ellipses). Delete is the second option in the menu.

Select 'Delete Remix' or 'Delete Mix'

Step 4) Confirm delete

Pop up dialog will appear asking you to confirm the delete. Click 'Confirm' and the mix or remix will be successfully deleted.

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