It's easy to upload your mix & remix content to MixBANK. Just click “New Upload” and start uploading your audio files. 

What to upload?

• “Unofficial” remixes
• Your new mix series or radio show
• Your retired mix series
• Custom mixes you created for a blog or publication
• Collaborative mixes or remixes
• Live recorded DJ performances

Choosing a file

Upload highest quality (lossless) audio 

WAV or FLAC file types are required for distribution to most major music services (e.g. Apple Music, Spotify). We highly recommend using producer/mastering tools to ensure your mix or remix audio file is available in this format.

Remixes: Be sure you know the original track and artist beforehand

In order to submit your remixes to MixBANK, you must define the artist(s) and track title of the original sound recording used for your remix. Your remix will not be accepted if you do not supply the correct artist and track title information at the time of upload.

Mixes: Prepare your tracklist beforehand

If you are preparing to submit your mix or radio show to MixBANK, it is recommended you prepare a tracklist beforehand, which includes the artist names and track titles for each sound recording used within the mix. If you use mixing software like Serato or Traktor these lists can be exported directly from the mixing software. 

If you would like to download our CSV template to fill in yourself, click here

Start uploading

Upload progress bar

At the top of the page, you can see the progress of your upload at all times. Please note that if you are internet connection is slow, files can take 20+ minutes to upload.

Choose your content type

Remix: Contains a single original master recording.
Mix: Contains two or more sound recordings (eg Dj Mixes and Mashups).

Fill in required fields: title info, genre, parental advisory

Mixes: Add a mix title and select a few genres to describe the mix, then add artwork with our auto-generate feature. 

Remixes: Add the track title of the original track used. As you begin to type, results will begin to auto-populate in the drop down menu. If you select the original recording from the drop down menu, then the original artist name will auto populate. Next, select a few genres to describe the mix, then add artwork with our auto-generate feature. 

If your content contains explicit lyrics, such as excessive use of profanity or inappropriate references, you are required to check 'This content contains explicit lyrics' (under parental advisory) before submitting.

Submitting your upload

Targeted music services

Your upload will be automatically submitted to all of our current and future music service partners. If you want to change your targeted music services for any reason, you can do so through the advanced distribution settings.

Adding track list info (mixes only)

If you are uploading a mix, we require that you include a track list with your submission. There are a number of ways for you to include that info:

  • Copy and paste
  • Upload .csv or .txt file
  • Upload Traktor playlist
  • Upload Serato history file

Here is some more info on adding tracklists.

Click submit

Once you have completed all the details for your mix or remix and the file has finished uploading, the “Submit” button will become active.

Click the button to complete your first upload!

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