You can update your primary email address or add multiple emails to your account in your Email settings.

Step 1) Open your user settings

Visit the 'Settings' page and select the 'Email' option to manage your current emails.

Step 2) Add your new email address

Type in the new email address you want to add your account and click 'Add.'

Step 3) Confirm email address

Open the inbox for the email address you just added to your account. You should have received an email from MixBANK with confirmation instructions. If you do not see one, please check your spam folder or resend the email.

Step 4) Set new primary email

Now that you've confirmed your email address, you are able to login to MixBANK using that email. To update your primary email, just open the 'Email' settings again, and select the 'Set as primary' button.

Updating the primary email address will direct all future MixBANK emails and notifications to that email.

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