What is PENDING?

PENDING is the interim distribution status for content uploaded to MixBANK. In most cases, a pending state occurs for mixes & remixes that are on their way to being cleared for distribution, but there is some minor issue holding it up.

What does my PENDING status message mean?

"Awaiting content owner permission"

This message means there are rights holders who own the original content that have been identified in your mix or remix, but they have not yet opted in their catalog. As you upload content, the Dubset team is working around the clock to ensure those catalogs we identify are added asap.

"Tracklist is below..."

We are required to identify a certain portion of mixes before they are distributed. If the match rate for your mix is below that threshold, this status appears. Please take a look at the tracklist for your mix in edit view and follow the instructions to request a tracklist change.

"Awaiting MixBANK Administrator to verify this"

In this situation, your content has been flagged by MixBANK's technology and will be reviewed by our administrators. If you are continually running into this status message, please contact us and we will look into it.

How long will my mix or remix be in a pending state?

While it may only take minutes to identify and clear content, there are a lot of variables that may affect the time it takes for a mix or remix to show up in a music service. Typically this is because your submission includes songs by rights holders who have no opted into the system yet.

As the MixBANK library grows and more rights holders join the platform, it will become easier to clear content and the process will speed up significantly. We thank you for being an early adopter of the platform and cannot wait to distribute your content all over the world.

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