MixBANK gives you the tools to license and distribute your mixes & 'unofficial' remixes to major streaming services. You can upload mixes or remixes, download stems directly from the labels, and get your content in front of millions of users using MixBANK.

What you get with MixBANK

  • Upload mixes & remixes
  • Browse millions of tracks available for use in mixes & remixes using MixBANK's DJ Catalog Search
  • Use simple tools to add tracklist data to your mixes
  • Auto-generate customized artwork for your content
  • Manage any number of aliases or profiles from a single login
  • Invite teammates to collaborate
  • Analyze reports by music services as your content is streamed

Step 1) Sign up for MixBANK

Click here to begin the sign-up process. You can choose to sign up as a DJ, producer, or manager.

Step 2) Visit the DJ Catalog Search

Once you access your dashboard for the first time, visit MixBANK's DJ Catalog Search to view tracks, see their distribution status and download free stems.

Step 3) Start uploading

We highly recommend that you begin by uploading all of your mixes & 'unofficial' remixes to the platform.

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