What are streaming royalties?

Steaming royalties are payments you receive for the use of your songs or compositions in mixes & remixes, that are based in some way on the number of times your content is streamed by end users on a music service (e.g. Spotify, Apple Music).

What type of royalties does Dubset collect?

Dubset collects music streaming royalties for rights holders, based how many streams of on the use of their content in mixes and remixes.

How are royalties paid out?

Dubset facilitates payments to rights holders based on the streams accumulated by mixes and remixes that use content owned by you.

Who actually pays the royalties to labels and publishers?

Label royalties are paid by Dubset; publisher royalties are paid by either Dubset, the music service, or the territory appropriate “local” society/collections agent (as determined by the Music Service and Dubset). 

What royalty % does a user receive?

The amounts paid out are dependent on the service and how much of a rights holder's content is used in a mix or remix. Details of each program offer are provided via the MixBANK platform and rights holders can opt-in or opt-out of each opportunity based on the specifics on the offering and the associated economics.

How much does it cost to have my content used?

If you are a rights holder you can sign up to MixBANK with no cost and with no obligation to allow your content to be used for distribution.  Signing up gives you access to the MixBANK dashboard, and once you choose to ingest your catalog, you'll be able to track how your catalog is being used in mixes and remixes uploaded to MixBANK.

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