What is a sample?

A sample is a portion of one song that has been reused as an instrument or sound recording in another track (e.g. vocal hooks, guitar rift, talking portions). 

In order to know if your track can be cleared, it is important to understand how the track you sampled has been used:

The sample was used in a cover or original piece of work:

No, we do not support original tracks or covers.

If you are a rights holder (such as a publisher or label) and you would like to have your catalog ingested by the MixBANK rights management and mixed content distribution platform, sign up as a rights holder here to get started.

The sample was used in a remix:

Yes. We work directly with the rights holders who own the rights to the sample, to clear it. 

While it may only take minutes to identify and clear content, there are a lot of variables that may affect the time it takes for a mix or remix to show up in a music service. Typically, this is because your submission includes songs by rights holders who have not opted into the system yet.

As the MixBANK library grows and more rights holders join the platform, more content can be cleared and distributed.

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