With MixBANK, the instant a DJ uploads a mix or remix that uses content you own the rights to, it will appear in your dashboard. Below, we'll show you how to filter through your library of mixes and unofficial remixes.

Recently uploaded widget

In your dashboard homepage, the recently uploaded widget gives you a snapshot of the 10 most recent mixes and remixes matched to your catalog that have been uploaded to MixBANK, with the most recent at the top. If you'd like view an upload, click on the title.

Pro tip: If you are ready to begin clearing and distributing the DJ uploads matched to your catalog, you should accept program offers. Program offers allow you to create an agreement between yourself (the rights holder) and the music service 

Once on the DJ Uploads page, you will see an initial list of any of your content that has been used by DJs/producer. You will also see the status of this content.

Manage your mixes and remixes

When the mixes and remixes start to populate in your dashboard, MixBANK empowers you with tools to manage that content in bulk via the DJ Uploads page.

Search by DJ name or title

In the top left corner of your screen there is search box. Click here and type a DJ name, mix title, or remix title to automatically filter results.

Filter by specific fields

The left side of screen contains a list of fields that you can filter your DJ uploads by. Maybe you want to review all the mixes and remixes that are matched to a particular artist or composer; these filters give you the flexibility to filter as specifically or generally as you want.

Note: As you type in these filters, MixBANK will load your catalog and suggest results to you.

Label filters:

  • Content type (mix, remix, all)
  • Distribution status (cleared, pending, blocked)
  • Song (filter by matched song title)
  • Artist (filter by matched artist name)
  • Sub label (any of your sub labels)
  • Services available on (e.g. Apple Music, Spotify)
  • Date range (mix or remix upload date)

Publisher filters:

  • Content type (mix, remix, all)
  • Distribution status (cleared, pending, blocked))
  • Work (filter by matched work title)
  • Composer (filter by matched composer name)
  • Sub publisher (any of the publisher catalogs you manage)
  • Services available on (e.g. Apple Music, Spotify)
  • Date range (mix or remix upload date)

When you have chosen the fields you'd like to filter by, click 'Filter' located at the bottom of the frame.

Export to CSV

For the most detailed list of your content being used, we have included the option to export your DJ uploads to a CSV file. This file will include every instance where content you own is matched to a remix or mix. 

To export, click on the icon located to the top right of the mixes and remixes found on the DJ uploads page. 

Note: This will not export filtered results. Each time it will export your entire mix / remix.

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