Now that you've got a good handle on managing your DJ uploads, you might come across a mix/remix that uses content that you don't want being used. If this is the case, you have the option to issue a takedown notice for said mix/remix.

Takedown a single mix or remix

Step 1) Go to your DJ Uploads page

Step 2) Select 'Order Takedown'

Locate the content you want to order a takedown for and open the dropdown hidden beneath the more icon (vertical ellipses). 'Order Takedown' is the third option in the menu.

Select 'Order Takedown'

Step 3) Submit Takedown Order

Pop up dialog will appear asking you if you'd like to order a Global Takedown Notice or a Takedown by DSP.

  • Global Takedown Notice: You would like to order a takedown across all territories
  • Takedown by DSP: You would like the content to be taken down from specific streaming platforms.

If you choose global takedown, you will be asked to describe the reason you want said mix/remix taken down. If you choose a specific DSP, you will need to select the applicable DSP(s) and then provide the reason for the takedown

Bulk Takedown

You can also takedown mixes and remixes in bulk. 

To do so, hover over the icons to the left, you will see the icons change into checkboxes. Select the mixes and remixes you want to target and click the "Order Takedown" option on the top bar (fire icon). Follow the steps on screen to order the bulk takedown. 

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