Stems are one of the features available to labels or distributors who want to offer certain tracks in their catalog directly to DJs via MixBANK. Registered DJs and their managers can download stems for use in the remixes they distribute through MixBANK. 

What are stems?

Stems are a group of individual audio tracks used to create the mastered recording. As a label, you can upload stem files for tracks in your catalog, directly into your dashboard.

Step 1) Select a track you wish to upload stems for

Visit the 'Upload stems' page by clicking the blue stems button in the bottom right of your screen. 

Choose a track that you want to upload stems for and select 'Next.' If you are unable to select any tracks or none are appearing, you should check on your ingestion by visiting your 'Ingest Status' page. 

Step 2) Choose WAV files

Select a minimum of four WAV files to include with the stem pack. For each file, select the instrument category that applies best.

Once the files have finished uploading, select 'Next.'

Step 3) Submit stems

The final step is to set the start date/end date for which you want to make your song's stems available for download via MixBANK. After setting, click 'Submit'.

The stems will become immediately available to DJs in the DJ Catalog Search.

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