With MixBANK, it's easy to expand the reach of your catalog by accepting programs offered by music services directly in your dashboard.  Below, we'll show you how to review terms and accept program offer, so you can begin clearing mixes & remixes to our music service partners. 

What is a program offer?

Program offers are packages of digital service offerings (DSOs) created by music services, and offered to rights holders on MixBANK. By accepting a program offer, you approve the availability of your catalog to each service.

These opportunities are intended to help expand the exposure of your artists to the users on service platforms and increase the royalty potential of your catalog.

Review a program offer

The first step to distributing your content in mixes & remixes is ingesting your catalog. Once the is underway or completed, you'll want to decide which program offers to accept by reviewing them in the 'Programs' page of your dashboard.

In the programs page, you can review every detail of programs offered by music services:

  • Offer details
  • Terms & conditions
  • Pricing model (e.g. ad-supported or subscription)
  • Territories
  • Content restrictions (if applicable)

Accept a program offer

Once you are ready to accept a program offer, check the 2 boxes to agree to the program offer details and terms & conditions, then click 'Accept'.

What happens when I accept a program offer?

When you accept a program offer, MixBANK will begin re-validating all of the mixes and remixes matched to your catalog. If there are any mixes or remixes that had been approved by all rights holder except for you, those DJ uploads will change to a cleared status and be put into the distribution process (taking into account any business rules you've created, of course!).

Please note: The status of mixes and remixes matched to your catalog may not necessarily change to cleared right away (meaning they can be distributed). In this situation, distribution is on hold because there are other rights holders matched to the mix or remix that we are still waiting on (i.e. still need their permission). 

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