What is ingestion?

Ingestion is the process of transferring your rights holder catalog to MixBANK. As a rights holder, once your catalog is ingested and available for you on the platform, remixes & mixes matched to your catalog will begin to populate in the dashboard. 

From there, your team will be able to use MixBANK's tools to control how your content is used and which music services you want to distribute your remixes & mixes. 

Here's what the process looks like:


Step 1: Choose your file type, upload a sample file of your catalog

  • Publishers: CWR, CSV, XLS
  • Labels: DDEX, CSV

Step 2: Validate your file

If your file is validated, you will be able to continue to the subsequent steps.

Step 3: FTP credentials are generated

  • You are assigned a unique login and password to our FTP server

Step 4: Upload your catalog to FTP server

Once your complete catalog has been added to the FTP server your ingestion will begin.

After this step, you are all set -- our team will take care of the rest.


Step 5: Ingestion begins

Our technology automatically begins processing your catalog. This can take anywhere from days to a few weeks depending on the queue and catalog size. 

Step 6: Catalog is ingested into MixBANK

After we are finished processing your catalog, the information is added to MixBANK.

Step 7: Your dashboard is ready!

A member of our team will notify you via email once your dashboard is populated with the catalog.

Step 8: Accept program offers

To start distributing mixes & remixes matched to your catalog, you'll need to accept program offers from our music service partners.

If you have additional questions about the ingestion process contact our Content Operations team at anytime, or shoot us a chat by clicking the bottom right corner of your screen. 👍

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