Since the early days of MixBANK we've worked hard to give you an easy, fast way to upload publisher catalogs for ingestion. Along the way we've learned a bunch of best practices & tips that we'd like to share with you to expedite the ingestion process. This way you can get your catalog into MixBANK so you can start doing the things that matter: managing mixes & remixes that use your works, distributing new content, and creating rules. 

Format your catalog metadata using CWR

The latest version of CWR was updated back in 2006, we prefer it to any other publisher catalog format -- CWR version 2.1.

Read this article to find out more about how to format your catalog to CWR.

Double check your catalog is up to date

You should always make sure the catalog information you provide to MixBANK if up to date.

Ingest direct to MixBANK

Log into your MixBANK account, click "Start Ingestion" and follow the steps on screen to upload your CWR catalog.

Once your catalog has been uploaded to MixBANK's servers, we'll automatically begin ingesting the content and prepping it for use in your dashboard. The moment your works have populated, a member of our team will contact you.

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